Heart of Algebra

Hello Class! Welcome to the Heart of Algebra where we will be focusing on Algebra and Functions. This page is dedicated to providing some review on the most important skills that one should learn throughout any Algebra class. I have broken up the assignments into different categories so that you can identify which concepts you may need to focus on or which ones you are proficient in. If you find your self struggling on a particular category, email me right away and I can accommodate any questions you have via email and/or when we meet for class. Make sure that you use your classmates and your resources(Books, internet, myself, etc)  to help you as you complete the worksheets.  Good Luck on Module 2 and I hope to hear from everyone soon!

4 Square Approach- Algebra Here is the content that will be covered in class and is categorized by the four main areas of student growth: SAT, Critical Thinking, Common Core and College skills.


Systems of linear inequalities word problems
Systems of linear equations word problems
Solving systems of linear equations
Solving linear equations and linear inequalities
Linear inequality word problems
Linear function word problems
Linear equation word problems
Interpreting linear functions
Graphing linear equations